Hi! I'm Thomas, Designer and Entrepreneur.
I do, learn and teach IxD.

My Interest

Designing with passion

Being a Graphic Designer who graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, I have studied many disciplines of visual communication, eventually becoming a specialist in designing web interfaces. Yet, as a web designer without any knowledge of User Experience Design, I have also failed hard and quite a few times in the past, learning about the importance of usability the hard way.

Today, I focus on improving my skills in Interaction Design and UI Design, while maintaining the perspective of a Graphic Designer.

S My foremost passion lies in designing usable and likeable interfaces, as well as planning product and brand communications to make them more human. I also love to share everything I have learned about Interface Design and design in general! My profile on LinkedIn.

Educational Work

Course Leader and Instructor of MOMEID

Course Leader & Director of MOME Interaction Design Course At Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, I am honored to lead a design course together with many other professionals and colleagues coming from various parts of the industry. These courses consist of seminars and workshops over a span of eight weeks. MOMEID

Look and Feel

Look & Feel

I am also a Senior Designer and UX Advisor at Look & Feel, a small web design studio focusing on high-quality web development only.
Look & Feel.hu